AMCA … as organization

Established in the year 1988, by the initiative of Dr. Anupam Ghosh, [an international expert scientist in (i) marine & coastal resource development and management; (ii) marine pollution contingency planning, monitoring & impact assessment; and (iii) environmental law, policy & Conflict Resolution Negotiation under rapid changing global environment] and with active supports of university teachers in India and abroad and also with cooperation from many other internationally reputed scientists, social-scientists and policy makers, the founder committee of the ASIAN MARINE CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION (AMCA) was registered in West Bengal, India, in the year 1989.


Asian Marine Conservation Association (AMCA) is a not-for-profit making International Non-Government Organization (INGO) working for the Association of life-styles and development of economic standards through education and research in direct & related fields of marine and coastal environment, in the line of and in accordance with the objectives of United Nation’s Environment Program’s Ocean & Coastal Areas (UNEP/OCA) activities. It is having the primary interest to :

  • FIND OUT the appropriate answers of contemporary key scientific issues for the conservation, management and development of marine & coastal natural resources and related activities.
  • EXAMINE justifications and/or suitability of conventional measures for the protection of such natural resources from pollution and policies related to such activities, and

  • TEACH AND TRAIN students and researchers of Institute of Marine Studies (IMS-India) and / or other personnel within / outside of the activities of AMCA/IMS for the environmentally sound socio-economic -environmental planning, practive and development.