AMCA’s Continuous Accomplishments :

AMCA activities range from building awarness on marine & coastal environment, development to assisting policy formation & coordination on sustainable development issue(s)through education and research on natural and human activities within and related areas of marine and coastal environment, The task is no boubt harlder, as just in the circumstances of (a) most environmental activities during recent years and (b) stringent availability of financial assistance to those MGOs disagreed to do lobyism (Government and/or Political) for this.

Since it’s formation 9 years back, a part of AMCA accomplishments are listed below :
Organised International Seminar on ‘Coastal Environment in Asian Region-Potentialities & Problems’

Recommended to various governmental and intergorvenmental organizations, including United Nations and its system organiza- tions, for (i) Development of Coordinated Mangrove REsearch (DCMR); (ii) Introduction and Development of Coordinated Coastal Agro-aquac -ulture (IDCCA);

Negotiated with various academic institutions/universities and U.N. system organizations for updating the ‘Coastal REsource Manage- ment’ course materials;

Formed the advisory board for AMCA/IMS academic council with experts from global level;

Organised the AMCA International Meeting and the formed the AMCA International Governing Council;

Created awarness on economic and environmental disruptions due to oil spill during and after the last gulf War, 1991;

Interacted to Prime Minister’s office, Govt. of India, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India, and Andaman & Nicobar Administration, office of the President, Republic of Maldives, office of the Under-Secretary General, Department of Policy Coordination and Sustainable development, UNO, and also with many social, private and voluntary organizations (e.g. Rotary Club etc.);

Recommended to create the ‘National Task Force’ for the manage- ment of oil spill problem and environmental security of India at trans. bourndary;

Publication of research papers/abstracts research papers authored by AMCA members regularly in different national and international journals conference proceedings;

Rendered coorperation for education and research development at the M. Sc. and M. Phil levels int eh fields of marine, coastal/island environmental science, maritine and other/realted environmental laws studies to the University College of Agriculture, Calcutta Uni- versity and Scholl of Environmental Sciences, Kalyani University, Kalyani, WB, India.

Rendered cooperation by teaching int he Academic Staff College for University & College teachers on ‘Environmental Geography’ organized by the Department of Geography, University of Calcutta and sponsored by the University Grants Commission (U.G.C.), New Delhi, in the year 1992.