Broad Areas Of AMCA’S Contemporary Interests :

1) General marine science & environmental management through education and research
2) Coastal living and non living resources management
3) Coastal agricultural development and management
4) Introduction and development of maritime villages in coastal areas 5) Studies on the effect of pollutants
* Transboundry movement of air pollutants;
* Transboundry movement of spilled petroleum oil.
6) Mangrove and Coral management studies
7) Coastal and offshore primary productivity Studies
8) Non-conventional coastal & tidal energy development studies
9) Global warming and sea level rise
10) Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA) and Statement (EIS)
11)Studies on international environmental diplomatic relation, cooperation and negotiation
12) Socio-environmental-economic development of land & people in coastal areas
13) Generation of employment opportunity in coastal areas
14) Maritime Law and Jurisprudence
15) AMCA policy & organizational development.