Always considering major contemporary issues like, (i) rapidly increasing world population; (ii) widespread expectationso f rising standards of living, and (iii) rapidly expanding industrializing accompanied by increased trend of environmental quality deterioration, Asian Marine Conservation Association (AMCA) :

1-  Educates and researches (through its Institute of Marine Studies – India) on conservation and scientifically management of the coastal and off-shore resources emphasizing emphasizing the low-lying coastal developing nation-states, and/or province-states, territo- ries that are having vulnerablity due to (i) marine pollution, (ii) climate change and its effects (sea level rise, coral bleaching etc.); (iii) economically backwardness of local inhabitants due to ignorance of utilizing existing marine & coastal resources; and (iv) non-utilization of coastlan management for agricultural produces.

2 – Advises government and intergornemental bodies on implementation of the conventionand development of energy effciency and coastal zone management measures including combation of coastal erosion and conservation of biological diversity, and also, on the solution measures for international conflicting issues (scientific, policy-making, and legal aspects).

3 – Centers for international cooperation and coordination in respect to sustainable development of marine & coastal environment, interna -tional, regional, national and local – seminars, symposia, confer -ences training workshops and meetings.

4 – Updates information related to almost all aspects of environmental development (science & technology, educational standards, research & development, law, policy, diplomacy & negotiation).